Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

This is day two of being sick and tired..two days that I have had to use vacation time to enable me to continue to get paid while trying to rest and recuperate here at home. I have yet another ear infection and not only is extremely painful...but it is killing me to use vacation time, risk getting written up for missed time at work that is considered "excessive", but it is also not good at all for my budget. After a $20 copay for office visit and then another $10 for my copay for the antibiotics; I know this doesn't sound like much; and it really isn't; it is just more of a nu sense. I pride myself in saving money so that we can do fun things on occasion; and this weekend the hubby wants to go to Cheyenne to celebrate his birthday by going to Sanford's Grub and Pub and watching the Rockies game on one of their many TV screens.

I just got done putting a German chocolate cake in the oven (from the box) to surprise him when he comes home; this will be a great surprise since his birthday isn't until August 3rd.

I am proud of him for a relatively frugal idea for his birthday. In the past we have actually spent hundreds of dollars actually going to the Rockie's game; this birthday (gas included) will cost around $100. For some people that maybe only have one income or who have a much tighter budget than we do..this would be extremely excessive for a birthday. But that is the exact reason I scrimp on a lot of little things all the time so we can enjoy times like this.

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