Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recycling in the garden

I am a novice gardener..I am however tinkering with gardening and trying to make some sort of effort little by little every year...adding more plants (hopfully ones that will spread and take over where the weeds are now).  I am also finding fun uses for "decorating" in the garden.  I ran across this site and thought I would share the info.

I did not make this but here is a cute picture of a birdbath for the garden made out of stuff you have in your cabinets or just junk from the thrift store.

Again...did not make this but it is a cleaver way to use that pretty glassware we all have stashed away...In this one you actually take apart a solar light and put the components inside and put it in your garden to it makes a pretty display at night.

Did not make this one either..but cute example of garden art..I would put something in the goose planter like makebe a succulent of some type.

This is recyling at it's best in my opinion!

Friday, July 22, 2011

20 New Uses for Shampoo - Planet Green

Shampoo, if you are a smart shopper, can be very inexpensive.  So finding more uses for this staple we all have sitting around the house just makes sense.

20 New Uses for Shampoo - Planet Green