Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Immigration All-Inclusive Resort?!?

On June 9, 2010...this was posted on the Immigration Chronicles: "Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are preparing to roll out a series of changes at several privately owned immigration detention centers, including relaxing some security measures for low-risk detainees and offer some art classes, bingo and continental breakfast on the weekends." (you can view the remainder of this at: http://blogs.chron.com/immigration/archives/2010/06/bingo_detainees.html

Ok...let's face it..I am a republican true and true...I believe if you get into our countries through legal measures and are a benefit to society...come on in...I will welcome you with open arms. If you, however, break the laws to enter this country..GET OUT and STAY OUT! It is not my job to take care of you and your family...provide healthcare for you and your unborn child just so you can "miraculously" go into labor while in the United States so you an give birth to a US citizen, educate your children that don't speak the language, and translate all of our documents to make things more comfortable in my country for you, and I don't believe things should be cushy while we are waiting and detaining you to find out if you actually belong here!

Why don't we just provide a nice B & B with a spa and olympic size swimming pool for their use too!! If we have to detain you and it's not comfy..feel free to go home!!

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