Sunday, August 29, 2010

School Suppies on the Cheap.

I still have no idea why we have "fund raising" for people to get school supplies for their kids.  There are so many sales before school and things are so cheap; I just don't get it.  We have a whole "fill the bus" full of school supplies at my place of employment for those that are unfortunate in this community.   I went shopping for my own child and even with the expensive $15 calculator he needed for Algebra, I only spent $25.00.  Ok, that's not exactly all I spent, a couple of weeks ago I got him a new backpack for $16.00.  But still; the problem I see is that people don't know how to tell their children "no".  My child doesn't need the $3.00 notebook just because it has some sort of "cool " character" on it.  The $ .15 plain blue notebook works just fine and has the same amount of paper in it.  If he wants something "cool" on the outside; then get the markers out and let your creativity take control!  Besides, from what I remember from being in school; those covers to the notebooks don't last very long anyway.  To save money throughout the year; be sure to stock up on, at least,also twice as much as you need to start the school year so that when you need to replenish stuff, you have those lying around (it also saves on those last minute trips to the store which always costs more in the long run).

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