Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frugal Reading

The Ultimate in Frugal Pastime

The local library is a plethora of ultimate in frugal living.  You can learn how to do something for yourself; from gardening, to deck building, to plumbing, to grooming your dog.  The more things we learn to do for ourselves, the more money you save.

I love borrowing books on CD to listen to on my hour drive to and from work every day; that way my time is not wasted.  I can feel like I am still keeping up on my "reading" on time that would otherwise be wasted.

You can borrow magazines that you have been thinking about subscribing to (as a little trial) or just browse through them to get some gift-giving ideas.    In my opinion; a home made gift is far better than anything that can be bought in any store.

Often times libraries have sales on books or videos.  I just bought a VHS tape on learning to crochet and two brand new cardboard books for my soon to be grandson.  I paid a total of 75 cents for all three of these things....very frugal.

For more entertainment ideas; often libraries have movies you can borrow.  Our local library doesn't have a very good selection of "entertainment" type videos; but they have a great selection of videos for kids that I borrowed quite a bit when my kids were smaller.

Next time you think you need to head to the store to buy that new book from your favorite author; check your local library....then pocket those $avings.

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