Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bartering..the Ultimate Frugal Idea

I needed help getting my sewing machine working...she needed to get her e-mail up and running.  She had the know-how about sewing machines and my hubby is my computer geek.  This was a perfect match.  This was a great way to help both people involved and no one spends any money..just a little time.  Remember when people use to pay their bills by offering goods or services?  Why don't people do this more often?  I think this is the best frugal idea in the world!  I think we sell ourselves short by not offering this as a solution to help everybody involved.  Am I suggesting that we pay all our bills that way; that is not how society works anymore.  But why not allow us to use our talents to benefit everyone involved?  Think about how you could exchange your goods or services the next time you need or want something..this could be a win-win situation.

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