Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting to Know Me

My friend Chris posted some interesting things on her blog that got me people that read my blog know me..I mean....really know me; things about me that are not really important things? So..let's play a little trivia..respond with your own answers or post to your own blogspot!

List 4 things you carry in your handbag

1.) My inhaler (never leave home without it; breathing tends to be pretty important to me)

2.) My Dave Ramsey envelope system.

3.) My library card...keeps me out of the bookstores  (I am a sucker for books!!)
4.) My coupons...I love saving money!

List 4 things on top of your desk

I don't have a desk at home; but considering I live my daytime hours in a cubicle; I like to make it homey.

1.) A picture of my baby girl with her big o' preggo belly...yes my baby is having a baby!
2.) Several stuffed Tiggers (and a few of his friends thanks to my friend Lindsey)

3.) A picture of Les, Matt and Me holding a real tiger cub..that was tons of fun getting to play with them!!

4.) A picture of me holding a real alligator that I had too much fun "wrestling".

List 4 of your favorite things in your bedroom
1.) My bed

2.) My Honey

3.) My Dogs

4.) My memories

List 4 things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t

1. )Bungee jump
2.) Sky dive
3.) Buy a house in the country and get as many dogs as my heart can handle!!!

4.) Get myself a cat (we are allergic and hubby doesn't like them; so no cat for us)

List 4 things you really enjoy doing at the moment

1.) Spending time with my hubby

2.) Learning to crochet

3.) Learning to sew

4.) Visiting with my friends

List 4 songs you can’t get out of your head

Ok..just FYI these aren't in my head ALL the time; I have just been very nostalgic lately since my baby girl just turned 20 the other day:

1.) Neverending Song by Lambchop (yes, the sock puppet)
2.) I Love You by Barney (you know, the big purple dinosaur)

3.) The Ashley song (a song I made up the first time I held my baby girl in my arms)

4.) Who Let the Dogs Out (I have no idea who sing it but I think of it all the time when talking to my son about the dogs every day..LOL)

List 4 things we don’t know about you

1.) I’ve had 4 weddings but have only been divorced twice.

2.) My exhusband is from Haiti.

3.) My husband never graduated from high school but he is smarter than I am.

4.) I am addicted to The Young and the Restless.

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